Frequently asked questions

What is the core business profile of PharmaPrint?

As Europe’s largest sheet fed offset printing factory manufacturing IFUs – instructions for use. We are specialized in processing 32-60 g/m2 paper. We offer full range of black and white and colored offset printing services up to a B2 size- one shop stop.

What is the maximum paperweight?

300 g/m2

Does PHP communicate in foreign languages?

We are available in English and German.

Does your company offer shipping abroad?


What currency does your company use?

Euro (EUR) and Hungarian forint (HUF).

What is your earliest delivery date?

3-5 business days from receipt of material.

In what format do you accept material ready for press?

We are able to accept to incoming material in the following forms:

  • manuscript
  • photo
  • slide, negative
  • floppy disk
  • pen drive
  • CD
  • DVD
  • e-mail
  • FTP

We request that material ready for press be submitted in composite PDF format, generally with a 3 mm bleed box. Prior to submitting your material you are kindly asked to consult one of our colleagues to clarify any custom adjustments. A repro studio is at your disposal in our factory, where the key phases of the preparation, such as graphic design and CTP scanning, are done.

Software we use in our work:

  • Adobe Creative Suite 5.5
  • Corel Draw 13

Do you offer graphic design?


Do you offer digital printing?


What is the maximum pressing size and folding size?

  • maximum paper size in case of colored work: 530X440 mm
  • maximum paper size in case of B&W work: 485 X 660 mm (pressing size 465 X 650 mm)
  • maximum folding size: 410 X 700 mm