Accuracy above all by the experts of thin paper

Electronic prepress:

A state-of-the art DTP studio with expert staff.
Graphic design, preparation, proofing and Computer-to-Plate technology at world-class standards


We specialize in thin paper printing and folding.
Using our top notch printing equipment and cutting-edge technology we offer the best offset technology available today thanks to our best-in-class Heidelberg machines.


We will fold even the thinnest and largest papers to the smallest possible size.
Our printing factory is highly specialized in sophisticated folding. Our high end folding equipment are custom manufactured in line with PharmaPrint specifications by our suppliers providing the state-of-the-art technology (Herzog Heymann, GUK).


Standard packaging for the pharmaceutical industry.
We offer a host of bookbinding and preparation services. These include: UV, form vanishing, blanking, perforation, creasing, adhesive binding, pricking, foiling, enumeration etc… in other words, all that current technology can offer.


Punctuality and maximum precision.
We deliver our products at the place and date as requested by our clients.